All of our soaps are bio-degradable and designed for easy rinsing from your car’s exterior.   Our top wash includes our Polymer Pro protectant.  This is a highly effective sealant that is applied through foaming applicators that fills in the small imperfections on the surface of your vehicle. With stronger sealant properties than carnauba wax, Polymer Pro protectant is longer lasting and provides superior protection from day to day road grime and environmental impacts that can truly make any car look young.  Here are the 7 top benefits of Polymer Pro protectant that keep your car looking new:

  1. Dull Paintwork – Oxidation on paint gives it a dull finish.  Polymer Pro reseals paint, preventing UV light and harsh chemicals from creating imperfections and gaining foothold in your vehicle’s exterior, effectively stopping oxidation in its tracks.
  2. Permeability – Polymer Pro reinforces existing paint sealant, so the car’s exterior does not become porous.  When a car’s exterior gets nicked, it becomes porous and is then susceptible to dirt and grime penetrating the paint’s protective surface, thus marking the car’s exterior permeable to further damage.
  3. Markings – Oil and acid that comes from bird droppings, insects left on a car, tree sap and the like are held on the surface of the car and not allowed to get to the actual paint when Polymer Pro sealant is applied regularly.
  4. Fine Lines – Think of dried skin that enhances the appearance of fine lines on our hands and face.  Polymer Pro protectant also fills in the fine lines that can occur when paint sealant gets dried out.
  5. Fading Color – With repeated use Polymer Pro protectant has been proven to enhance the vibrancy and gloss of even the dullest car’s color and finish.
  6. Surface Dirt – Polymer Pro protectant provides the most advance water beading technology available. This helps prevent dirt from accumulating and adhering to your car’s surface, making for easy removal the next time you come in for a wash.  Surface dirt that penetrates imperfections in the paint’s finish can trap water and leave behind spots.
  7. Under Chassis Rust – For the same reasons we don’t want oxidation on the exterior surface of our vehicle (it’s ugly and damages the integrity of the automobile,) we don’t want oxidation to occur on the underside of our car either. Our Polymer Pro protectant and undercarriage rinse options cleanse and protect your car’s underbelly and wheel wells from the oxidation that causes rust, which over time, can lead to expensive repairs.