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Customer Care FAQ’s2020-03-05T15:21:27+00:00

If you have questions about an individual location’s hours of operations, pricing, wash features, equipment, please refer to that location’s individual site page by clicking the link below.

View Locations

If you need to contact your local car wash directly for lost and found, status of an employment application or claim, or to simply send a compliment to our staff please fill out the “Get in Touch” form.

What should I expect when I come to your car wash?2020-03-03T16:44:31+00:00

You’ll be greeted by friendly, professional associates who will guide you through the simple process. After choosing your level of car wash, pull up to the tunnel entry area. There, our professionals will guide you into the track. They’ll let you know when to put your car in neutral, take your feet off the pedals and hands off the wheel. You can then sit back, relax and enjoy the show! We’ll do the rest. Your vehicle will move through the wash process at the precise speed for optimal cleaning. We’ll clean the vehicle exterior with gentle touch washers and bio-degradable mild cleaning solutions. Your wheels and whitewalls will be cleaned, and your vehicle will be rinsed and gently dried. All automatically, in a few minutes. When you get the green light, you can put the car back in drive and pull into our Free Vacuum area to put the finishing touches on the interior of your vehicle.

Why should I choose Goo-Goo Express Wash?2020-03-02T20:10:58+00:00

Because you deserve the best! Seriously though, we are the World’s Largest Local Car wash company, with over 925 locations in 14 countries across the United States, Europe and Australia. We have more experience than anyone on how to keep your car looking new. All of this is backed by our drive to give you a clean, dry, shiny vehicle and make the experience one that will make you a customer for life. We have car wash tunnels with proprietary, state-of-the-art equipment, we use premium, bio-degradable cleaning products, and have well-trained employees that are ready to give you a great car wash experience!

Why should I wash at Goo-Goo Express Wash rather than washing my vehicle myself in the driveway?2020-03-02T20:08:56+00:00

A recent study shows that the average person uses over 100 gallons of water when washing at home and the soap runs off in the storm drain and does not get treated before entering local natural water sources.   Our express car wash uses less water and all the soap and residue is either captured and recycled or sent to city sewers where the water is treated before returning to local lakes and streams.

Is the car wash bad for the environment?2020-03-02T20:06:51+00:00

Actually, we use far less water per vehicle than a typical home car wash and only use earth-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning chemicals.

I lost something at the car wash! What do I do?2020-03-03T16:57:55+00:00

Oh no! If this happens to you, please fill out the “Get in Touch with the Car Wash” form so they can be on the lookout for your item. Return to the car wash as soon as possible to retrieve it.

Are You Hiring?2020-03-02T20:48:25+00:00

Yes! We’re ecstatic that you want to join our team! G00-Goo Express Wash is a great place to work. It’s an excellent environment for developing work and leadership skills for the future and for making great friends. Whether we have an immediate opening or not, we are always looking for hard-working people with great attitudes. Apply online from the Careers page or come into any location for an application.

I already applied to be a team member. How do I check on my application?2020-03-03T17:02:55+00:00

You can send a message to the location manager by filling out the “Get in Touch with the Car Wash” form for the car wash location.

I would like to send my compliments to the staff at the car wash. How do I do that?2020-03-03T17:02:28+00:00

We love getting notes from our customers about how we treated you right and got your vehicle sparkly clean. Please fill out the “Get in Touch with the Car Wash” form to let us know. And thanks!

What are the prices at this car wash?2020-03-02T20:42:49+00:00

Our pricing and offerings may vary by location. You can find this information toward the bottom of the location page for each car wash location on the main web site. Click here to see it.

What are the advantages of having a monthly unlimited membership?2020-03-02T19:58:58+00:00

An unlimited pass is worry-free washing program. For less than the cost of washing your vehicle twice a month, you can come as many times as you want.  With the membership RFID decal in your windshield, the gate opens automatically (no stopping to pull out your credit card) and you’re on your way to keeping your car looking like new. With no contract, no sign-up fee and a flat low monthly cost, the Unlimited Pass offers an unbeatable value.

What advantages do your soaps and Polymer Pro protectant have over the competition?2020-03-05T15:41:19+00:00

All of our soaps are bio-degradable and designed for easy rinsing from your car’s exterior.   Our top wash includes our Polymer Pro protectant.  This is a highly effective sealant that is applied through foaming applicators that fills in the small imperfections on the surface of your vehicle. With stronger sealant properties than carnauba wax, Polymer Pro protectant is longer lasting and provides superior protection from day to day road grime and environmental impacts that can truly make any car look young.  Here are the 7 top benefits of Polymer Pro protectant that keep your car looking new:

  1. Dull Paintwork – Oxidation on paint gives it a dull finish.  Polymer Pro reseals paint, preventing UV light and harsh chemicals from creating imperfections and gaining foothold in your vehicle’s exterior, effectively stopping oxidation in its tracks.
  2. Permeability – Polymer Pro reinforces existing paint sealant, so the car’s exterior does not become porous.  When a car’s exterior gets nicked, it becomes porous and is then susceptible to dirt and grime penetrating the paint’s protective surface, thus marking the car’s exterior permeable to further damage.
  3. Markings – Oil and acid that comes from bird droppings, insects left on a car, tree sap and the like are held on the surface of the car and not allowed to get to the actual paint when Polymer Pro sealant is applied regularly.
  4. Fine Lines – Think of dried skin that enhances the appearance of fine lines on our hands and face.  Polymer Pro protectant also fills in the fine lines that can occur when paint sealant gets dried out.
  5. Fading Color – With repeated use Polymer Pro protectant has been proven to enhance the vibrancy and gloss of even the dullest car’s color and finish.
  6. Surface Dirt – Polymer Pro protectant provides the most advance water beading technology available. This helps prevent dirt from accumulating and adhering to your car’s surface, making for easy removal the next time you come in for a wash.  Surface dirt that penetrates imperfections in the paint’s finish can trap water and leave behind spots.
  7. Under Chassis Rust – For the same reasons we don’t want oxidation on the exterior surface of our vehicle (it’s ugly and damages the integrity of the automobile,) we don’t want oxidation to occur on the underside of our car either. Our Polymer Pro protectant and undercarriage rinse options cleanse and protect your car’s underbelly and wheel wells from the oxidation that causes rust, which over time, can lead to expensive repairs.
What are the hours at this car wash?2020-03-02T20:40:20+00:00

Our hours of operation can be found on the specific location page for your preferred car wash, Click here to see them. For your convenience, we also maintain the hours of our sites on Google and Yelp.

Is the car wash open right now?2020-03-02T20:39:23+00:00

The current status of this car wash can be seen on the location page.

What vehicles can I wash at this car wash?2020-03-02T20:37:16+00:00

While we would love to be able to wash any vehicle, our machinery has a few requirements.

The general rule is we cannot be responsible for any non-factory installed items on a car.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bug Shields
  • Luggage & Bike Racks
  • Sun Visors
  • Antennas
  • Running Boards
  • Glued on Spoilers

We also ask customers with trucks to make sure their truck beds are free of any objects or debris prior to entering the Wash Tunnel.

There is also an Excessive Mud Policy.  We apologize; however, we cannot run cars or trucks through the wash tunnel that have excessive mud.  This clogs the tunnel equipment and sprays mud on any vehicle that might be behind the excessively muddy vehicle.

Dually style vehicles cannot be washed.

How do I change or update my credit card?2020-03-25T00:49:28+00:00

Has your credit card changed or expired? To keep your monthly membership current, let us know the changes to make to your account. Then you can keep your ride looking great! Use the “My Account” link to manage your account and update your credit card.

How do I pause my membership?2020-03-25T00:48:09+00:00

Do you wash your vehicle more in certain seasons of the year?  Are you going on an extended trip?  Your vehicle going to be in the shop for a while? We can put your membership on pause and re-activate it when you return. Use the “My Account” link to manage your account and put your membership on pause.

How do I cancel my membership?2020-03-25T00:48:45+00:00

While we are sad to have you leave our membership program it is easy to process your cancellation.  Click here for step by step instructions on how to cancel your membership.

How do I move my membership to a different vehicle?2020-03-02T19:46:31+00:00

Have you sold your vehicle? To move your membership to a different vehicle (like your sweet new ride!), you’ll need to go into your favorite local car wash and request it there. They will update your account and issue you a new RFID sticker, reassigning your account to that vehicle.

My windshield was replaced, and my RFID sticker went with it. How do I get a new one?2020-03-02T19:45:07+00:00

Just go into any of our locations and let them know you need a new decal. They will issue you a new RFID sticker, reassigning your account to that new number, and you’re good to go!

What are the terms and conditions for the monthly membership?2020-03-02T20:24:11+00:00

Our monthly membership terms and conditions are as follows:

Monthly Unlimited Plan Recommended Universal Terms & Conditions:

Full FastPass/RAPID PASS+ Membership Terms and Conditions that will be posted on the three regional websites and printed in full on the paper receipt at time of registration:

FastPass/RAPID PASS+ membership provides unlimited car washes in each month your membership is renewed. Membership may be canceled at any time. Cancellations must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the next billing date, otherwise you may be charged for that month and the cancellation will be effective the following billing date.  The plan will remain in effect for 30 full days at a time, no refunds or credits will be given for partial periods.  To cancel your membership go to: or visit your local Goo-Goo Express Wash location where you signed up.

As a FastPass/RAPID PASS+ member, you understand that the credit card provided will be automatically billed each month until the membership is cancelled or terminated. No prior notification of such charges will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case Goo-Goo Express Wash will provide at least 30 days’ notice prior to payment being collected through notice posted at the site and direct contact through the email and/or mobile number you provide at time of registration for the program. You also agree to waive any and all rights to withhold and/or delay payment of the related credit card charges, whether as described in your agreement with the credit card issuer or otherwise.

Goo-Goo Express Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend or change the program from time to time as it feels necessary and can cancel your monthly membership plan if the monthly charge is declined by the card processing system.  From time to time circumstances out of our control may affect the availability of services, such as preventive maintenance and inclement weather.

RFID Tags are applied to the front windshield of the registered vehicle and must be placed by a Goo-Goo Express Wash employee. Tampering with RFID tags can result in cancellation of membership.

Only the vehicle listed on the customer information account is eligible for the program and must have a Goo-Goo Express Wash RFID tag affixed to the window. Damaged tags should be reported to Goo-Goo Express Wash immediately. Any attempt to remove RFID tag will damage it and prevent it from operating. Member must notify Goo-Goo Express Wash of any changes in vehicle ownership.

By entering your mobile number and/or email address, you consent to receive mobile notifications and/or email communications from Goo-Goo Express Wash for promotional and marketing offers as well as communication in any changes to terms and conditions of this program. Your information will never be sold to third parties.

Goo-Goo Express Wash 2020 terms and conditions.

How can we do better?2020-03-03T17:09:52+00:00

We want to provide you the best wash experience every time you visit – and get better and better. If you notice anything that is amiss, please let us know so we can exceed your expectations next time by sending us a message here.

How does Goo-Goo Express Wash use my information?2020-03-02T20:16:35+00:00

For more details on how we use your information, please see our full privacy policy and terms & conditions by clicking here.

Do I Need an Appointment For An Express Detail?2020-03-05T15:23:41+00:00

At sites where we offer Express Detailing, you do not need an appointment.  All our sites are not Express Detailing.

Is Goo-Goo Express Car Wash Safe For My Vehicle?2020-03-05T15:23:00+00:00

Absolutely! We use only the best of the best when it comes to equipment and products. Belonging to the #1 global car wash group, we wash more than 40 million cars a year.   Our technical crew are constantly researching the best equipment and cleaning products that will not only get your car clean, but do it safely.  Our brushes and sprayers undergo tremendous testing before they are made available to the public.   Plus, we have an extensive full-time maintenance crew that keeps everything running at its prime. However, please use care with modified vehicles and aftermarket accessories.  Here is our list of items you do not want to take through any express car wash tunnel:

  • Bug Shields
  • Luggage Racks
  • Sun Visors
  • Antennas
  • Running Boards
  • Glued on Spoilers
Do You Hand Wash Vehicles? What about Interior Detailing?2020-03-05T15:22:55+00:00

Check your individual site location page for more information.

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